The Cobbgoblin’s first thoughts on the Adventure into Digital History

  So I’m going to start off this process with being honest.  I took this class because after speaking with Dr. McClurken* about the class I was informed that the class would not have as much reading as the other seminar classes offered.  Also, Digital History has a base in American History, so that’s like a two-fer for me.   But now after two classes I can honestly say that I am interested in the work we’re going to be doing.  Even if I have no idea how we are going to publish our thoughts, processes, or actual work.  But that’s kind of what makes the entire process exciting and fun.  Either way there’s a good chance I’m going to learn something here, which makes everything alright in my book.**

  So, what I plan on getting out of this class?  Well the answer is a better understanding of Digital History, as well as an even greater ability to use the new “Web 2.0”.***  But the real question I know all of you are asking is, who is this mysterious Cobbgoblin, and why do we want to hear his thoughts on Digital History?  Well, I’m Austin a senior History Major**** at Mary Washington.  I am a part of the swim team, show choir, and fraternity.***** Also I enjoy; the occasional video game, reading a book, and doodling when I’m supposed to be taking notes.  Also, I tend to reference wikipediain most of my history classes, I feel as its my way of making the site a tad more credible.  So I hope y’all have enjoyed getting to know me and my thoughts on this class so far, as I have creating this post.

And now for your moment of zen.******



* This picture is in serious need of an update. 

** My book being titled I’m Kind of A Big Deal: Life and Times of Austin Cobb by Austin Cobb, that’s a patent pending by the way folks.

*** Web 2.1 is still in Beta.

**** You kind of hafta be, to be in this class right?

***** Stalkers, fans, and mothers’ daughters take note, because I’m not repeating this again.

****** This is the part of the post where I show you something interesting or funny that I found on my travels on the world-wide-web.

8 Responses to “The Cobbgoblin’s first thoughts on the Adventure into Digital History”

  1. jmcclurken Says:

    I would say this introduces you pretty accurately….

  2. kwuyscik Says:

    I kind of love xkcd. Like, a lot.

  3. amyb Says:

    your post was very amusing. I enjoyed all the links.

  4. jmcclurken Says:

    I use google reader to read xkcd as each new one comes out. [Just subscribe to the rss feed.]

  5. jmcclurken Says:

    That picture is 7 or 8 years old now….. Hmmm I guess I do need a new one.

  6. cbiddle Says:

    honestly, I enjoyed halo 1 and 2 better. I mean, sweet graphics but not really all that much better. Call of Duty is where it’s at.

  7. thecobbgoblin Says:

    Eh, I have yet to pick up COD4, but it IS on my list of things to do. Did you get to play Mass Effect or Assassin’s Creed? I just beat Assassin’s Creed and it is now one of my favorite games… ps what’s your gamer tag?

  8. cbiddle Says:

    I haven’t played Mass Effect or Assassin’s Creed. My roommates have Bioshock, though, and its amazing.

    Gears of War is probably one of my favorite games in the last couple years. I go by trekkindude, but I don’t have xbox live, if that’s what you mean.