A Timeline Worthy of Cobbgoblin Praise

So in Tuesday’s class the part that was of most use for my group, or so I believe, is the function of the time line based in google spreadsheets.  This will allow the time line to be edited by users after we’re done with it, which contributes to the information and timeline’s permanence on the web.  Even if the original site becomes outdated, at least the code for the site will remain.

I actually have to agree with Matt’s post concerning del.icio.us, and it being pretty much useless.  I have tried numerous* times to use the digital bookmarking site and I personally would rather just use my own bookmarking system and be done with it.  I do however understand the implications that come from a digital bookmarking system in which I can share with my group the sites I’ve found that relate to our project.  That is helpful, but I would like to hear from some of you who have utilized the bookmarking site,**  I sure hope its going better for you.

In Cobbgoblin related news, I lost my iPod.  I’m not sure how many of you actually have lost yours before, but its pretty much the end of the world, or losing an appendage.  So as of recent I have spent my time browsing ebay for an iPhone.  But here is the catch, I don’t wanna pay more than 60$ for it.  Mainly because I can’t allocate*** the funds for such a purchase.  Basically what I’m saying is as of today I’m starting the “Buy Austin an iPhone Fund.”****

And now for a very history moment of zen.



* So like twice

** Not Dr. McClurken… I’m almost certain he knows what he’s doing there

*** Man this word a day calendar is AWESOME!

**** For details***** please see Austin.

***** Details cost about 5$ apiece.

3 Responses to “A Timeline Worthy of Cobbgoblin Praise”

  1. ameye5hp Says:

    Austin, I agree with both of you about del.icio.us. I understand why it’s potentially a great tool, but as a person who pretty much never switches computers, I don’t personally find it as useful as I can see it being. For example, I’ve introduced my parents to it, since they frequently switch computers they find it much more useful.

  2. kwuyscik Says:

    To be honest, I completely forget about del.icio.us most of the time. The few times I have used it were when I was specifically looking something up for my group. Other than that, I prefer the old fashioned way. However, like Andrea said, it is nice if you’re switching computers often. And the fact that you can easily share those bookmarks with others is kind of nice and it prevents your inbox from clogging up with 20 new emails about sites your group members found. It’s just not my favorite tool (meaning: I should probably try to remember it exists and actually give it a shot.)

    And I’m sorry about your iPod. That’s devastating.

  3. shauser Says:

    I find it useful for bookmarking pages from projects and definitely bookmarking resources. I definitely have a tendency to do a lot of browser bookmarking so this was a good way to keep track of all my bookmarks.
    What I find really compelling about del.icio.us is the community really, I have several people in my network that consistently find interesting things to tag and in that way there is an unspoken conversation going on, which is kind of neat.