Its a Small World After All

Posted in Digital History on March 13th, 2008 by thecobbgoblin

To start, I would like to apologise for lack for not posting sooner, the internet at my house was down so posting becomes quite difficult without it.*  So I went to Disney World this past spring break.  The entire trip itself was amazing, one might even say magical.  Yet during my visit to the Magic Kingdom** I was still able to get something close to work done on the Alumni Project.***  A woman approached me and asked if I went to Mary Washington.**** Just before our brief encounter ended, I was able to ascertain***** her name and email address so we could contact her for the website.******  The rest of my trip I spent with Mickey Mouse and the gang gallivanting around the Wonderful World of Disney.

And now your moment of zen.


*Impossible from my home location actually

** Ruling leader Mickey Mouse? Mickey Mouse the Forgiving?

*** Believe me, it was purely accidental

**** Austin Cobb, proven once again to be kind of a big deal

***** Awesome word, well said*******

******  Basically I make friends EVERYWHERE

******* Thank you!