Devil Goat Day…. What’s Up with that?

So while trolling through the Bullet archives most of the articles I found dealt with Devil Goat Day. Or… actually, just the rivalry between the Devils and the Goats throughout the entire year. That seems not to be the case anymore, and I hafta say, that sucks. There seems to be so much more school spirit in the past years. Apparently your Devil or Goat status was more important than your 9:30 class ( but not Digital History). My big question is, why the change? The new Devil/Goat Day is fun and all, but what happened to all the competitions? We like to pride ourselves as a school that loves tradition, I mean, look at our by-laws. They haven’t been changed since the 60’s… when we let guys in the school. If we’re so big on tradition, why can’t we have that Devil Goat fun that used to exist?

I keep on forgetting I have this thing.

3 Responses to “Devil Goat Day…. What’s Up with that?”

  1. ameye5hp Says:

    Are you suggesting a link between the presence of male students and the decline of school spirit?

  2. thecobbgoblin Says:

    Actually no. Because I see the same kind of fun filled days of glory in the articles from the 1980s. Where did that come from?!

  3. carole Says:

    Karmen is coming!